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5 Tips for Getting Published in Dermatology

Are you currently in your residency? Publishing a paper in a journal is often one of the next steps in your trajectory. Follow these tips and considerations to increase your chances of getting your first publication in a medical journal:

1. Learn and Follow the Guidelines

You should learn about the International Committee of Medical Journal Editors’ (ICMJE) guidelines if you’re trying to get published. They will help you determine what rules you need to follow and how you should include references. Visit the ICMJE website to see the guidelines.

2. Include an Abstract

Journals prefer that you include an abstract with your entry. Keep the abstract to less than 250 words and include the following sections:

  • Objective
  • Participants
  • Design
  • Setting
  • Measurements
  • Results
  • Conclusion

You will want to follow these guidelines because journals use them during the initial screening process.

3. Be Thorough

Include all the necessary parts of the manuscript to ensure you have the best chance of making it through the screening process. Ensure you include aspects like:

  • A title page
  • An abstract
  • An introduction
  • Your methods
  • The results
  • A discussion
  • The conclusion
  • Your references
  • Any figures or tables

You will also want to pay attention to the journal’s specific manuscript instructions, which you can usually find on their website or in their latest issue.

4. Consider Finding a Co-Author

Many residents have a better chance of getting their first publication if they have a co-author who has already been published. However, if you find a journal with a section for residents, you may be able to get published by yourself. For most journals, it’s likely a better choice to find a reputable co-author.

5. Select a Timely Topic

Depending on the field and journal, you will want to determine what is a timely and appropriate topic you can write a paper on. Try looking at the journal’s editorial calendar to see what subjects they often feature. Feel free to look through past journal issues to see the most commonly published ones.

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