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How to Land Your First Dermatology Job After Completing Your Residency

How to Land Your First Dermatology Job After Completing Your Residency

You’ve worked hard for years to become a dermatologist. Now, you’re ready to get started — and wondering whether it’ll be hard to find a job after your dermatology residency.

Fortunately, you have several realities in your favor. The first is that fewer medical students are looking for work, meaning the candidate pool for each job is a bit smaller and increasing your chances of snagging attention. The second is that many people today have learned the value of caring for their skin and want to work with dermatologists. Your skills are in high demand!

With that being said, you probably can’t expect to get a job offer right away. You have to plan ahead to ensure you’re making a strong, memorable and positive first impression on hiring managers. If you want to know how to get hired in dermatology, follow some of these suggestions.

Tips on How to Find a Job After a Dermatology Residency

These are our biggest tips on how to set yourself up for post-residency and first job success:

  • Stay ahead of dermatology trends to show your commitment: The more confidently you can speak to what’s happening in medicine today, the more impressive you’ll be as an applicant. For instance, you may want to improve your working knowledge of teledermatology or the latest technological advances in the dermatology field.
  • Attend pertinent conferences, symposiums and events: When you put yourself out there, you’ll learn from experts while also building your network. Be sure to make the most of your LinkedIn presence by updating your credentials regularly and publishing pieces related to the medical field.
  • Search for jobs that reflect your core interests: Want to work more in cosmetic dermatology? Are you fascinated by the advancement of laser-based tools? At the beginning of your job search, seek out job opportunities that dovetail with the places you’d like to be in dermatology. You’ll bring more passion to your interview — and the role, if you’re offered the position.
  • Conduct research before writing a cover letter or engaging in an interview: The Internet makes it easy to find information about clinics, medical centers and other hiring entities. Take the time to conduct some due diligence. That way, you’ll be more prepared and impressive to hiring managers.

Stay ahead of dermatology trends to show your commitment

It can be hard to exercise patience when you’re ready to practice. However, just know that the right opportunity is waiting for you. Who knows? It might be on the DermCare Management career board at this very moment!

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