Partner Testimonials

Dr. Eduardo Weiss

Hollywood Dermatology, Partner Since 2017

“Being a partner of DermCare has given me the ability to concentrate on what I have always wanted to do… practice medicine. My practice enjoys the benefits of group pricing, reduced overhead, management of HR & marketing, while giving me and my staff the independence to treat our patients with the highest standard of care.”

Dr. Carlos Wolf

Miami Plastic Surgery, Partner Since 2018

“I am very happy to be on a team with laser focus and experience in building a great company. The more I interact with the principal players, the more confident I feel I picked the right partners to monetize my past 30 years and continue to grow my practice.”

Dr. Michael Kelly

Miami Plastic Surgery, Partner Since 2018

“Partnering with DermCare was a great move. Our practice runs smoother and we can focus on doing what we enjoy most about medicine, taking care of patients!”

Dr. Daryl Pruett

Pruett Dermatology, Partner Since 2017

“DermCare has improved access to excellent medical care for thousands here in the sun-drenched Florida Keys. Since joining them, we are able to offer increased dermatological services and availability. Excellent job!”

Dr. Francisco Kerdel

Florida Academic Dermatology Center, Partner Since 2017

“DermCare made our transition to their platform smooth and easy. It has made me happy to relinquish the day-to-day administrative duties of my practice to experienced and knowledgeable experts. The true beneficiaries of this partnership have been our patients, and FADC’s dedication to their care.”

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