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01 Fighting physician burnout

Fighting Physician Burnout

Fatigue. Depression. Hopelessness. These are the most well-known signs of burnout — and dermatology patients aren't the only ones who experience them. Dermatologists risk burnout, too.

For the past decade, all types of physicians have increasingly self-reported feelings of clinician burnout. According to figures collected by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality, more than half of all doctors may struggle with the symptoms and side effects of burnout. That means that for every two dermatologists, one may be trying to fight physician burnout every day.

However, there is a silver lining amid these troubling statistics. It is possible for dermatologists to overcome clinician burnout when they take proactive steps right away. Learn more about some of the strategies and tips that can reduce physician burnout experiences and keep your quality of care high.

1. Partner With a Practice Management Company

One of the biggest reasons for burnout in the medical community is the raft of documentation and back-office administrative work that must be completed daily. A trusted practice management company like DermCare Management is set up to take those tasks off the already-full plates of dermatologists and their staff members. That way, dermatologists can focus more on what brings the most fulfillment — serving patients.

2. Set Realistic Schedules

Like all doctors, dermatologists may make themselves available to their patients during their non-working hours. This schedule can erode the breaks you need to physically and emotionally recover from long work weeks and heavy caseloads. Creating schedules with built-in breaks, even modest ones, can give dermatologists the “me time” they deserve. You should encourage your team members to value and protect their off-hours, too, in an effort to reduce the chance of turnover.

3. Reduce Patient Volume

It can be tough to make the decision to reduce the number of patients at a growing, thriving practice. However, it could be the most reasonable choice. It’s better to temporarily accept fewer patients than to go through the rollercoaster of widespread clinician burnout.

As an added benefit, reducing the workload can allow physicians time to work with their practice management company providers on ways to streamline processes through the proactive use of modern automation and tech tools.

Overcome Dermatologist Burnout

Why is physician burnout important? In essence, it affects society as a whole. However, it’s possible to fight physician burnout at the source with proactive and practical steps.

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