Two Practices Join the DermCare Family of Companies

DermCare is proud to announce the addition of two practices to the DermCare Family. Dermatology Treatment and Research Center located in Dallas, TX and Harris Dermatology with two locations in Naples and Fort Myers, FL.


Dermatology Treatment and Research Center is home to board certified dermatologists that offer many years of experience mixed with the latest knowledge and today’s technology. They strive to provide excellent service in medical dermatology, treatment and research. Surrounded witha first class team of personnel, Drs. William Abramovits, and Stephanie Saxton-Daniels want their patients to feel they are serviced with the best dermatology in a friendly and compassionate atmosphere.

Harris Dermatology LogoHarris Dermatology is comprised of Brian A. Harris MD, Keith A. Harris MD, and H. Ross Harris MD, three brothers who are all board certified Fort Myers and Naples dermatologists. Because detecting skin cancer takes a well-trained, experienced eye, the Harris brothers believe board certified dermatologists are the most appropriate health care providers to diagnosis such cancers.

The patient’s experience is equally as important as the diagnosis and medical treatment. At Harris Dermatology, the patient’s experience is driven by the physicians and staff. Patients can expect to be welcomed by a highly-trained, caring and dedicated staff in a comfortable, state-of-the-art facility. The combination of dedicated physicians, highly trained staff and comfortable office leads to a positive patient experience.

DermCare’s model honors the reputations and the brands that have been developed by its physician partners. The Company strives to align clinical expertise and management experience designed to improve the patient experience and the quality of life for its providers.

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