I Finished My Dermatology Residency… Now What?

Jul 05, 2022

I Finished My Dermatology Residency... Now What?

Few experiences are as exciting for a budding dermatologist as finishing the residency process. However, figuring out what steps to take next can be challenging. New grads don’t have to go through the process alone, though. Instead, you can avail yourself of resources and advice.

Check out some essential and valuable considerations, possibilities and tips geared toward post-dermatology residency medical professionals.

Benefits of Dermatology Mentorship

1. Ask Someone to Serve as Your Mentor

Dermatology residents have the benefit of encountering countless experts during their hands-on education. Asking one or more of these advisors to become a mentor ensures that the learning and counsel won’t stop just because your residency ends. Best of all, having a solid mentor experience can encourage young dermatologists to continue the supportive mentorship cycle and eventually become mentors themselves.

2. Consider All Working Possibilities

Dermatologists have multiple choices when it comes to where and how they work. Some choose to join larger organizations, like hospitals, in their early careers. Others decide that they’ll strike out on their own and open private practices alone or with other dermatologists. Either approach can work with the right kind of thoughtful occupational planning. The point is that there is no “one size fits all” framework for someone who wants to become a dermatologist after finishing a residency.

3. Remember Academics Can Be a Path for Post-Residency Dermatologists

Even dermatologists who want to one day own a clinic or work for a major health system sometimes choose to launch their careers in academia. Being in an academic setting can provide access to knowledgeable colleagues, research grants and other assets. Young dermatologists may even want to practice on the side while maintaining their teaching credentials and sharing their knowledge with the next generation of up-and-coming medical professionals.

4. Take Time for Reflection

In the days immediately following the end of a post-dermatology residency, many individuals report a sense of freedom mixed with confusion. On the one hand, they’re prepared to help patients. On the other hand, they have so many choices — and no way to know which ones to take. Rather than getting overwhelmed, you should lean into your feelings and spend time reflecting on what you want and need. This reflection allows you to bring your best self to whatever dermatology workstyle you choose.

The world of dermatology after your residency is filled with potential. New grads interested in diving in can start the process and explore job openings with DermCare Management.

To learn more about our open positions, visit our Medical Provider Career Opportunities page. You can reach out to us directly with any questions at smiller@dermcaremgt.com.

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