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01 Finding the right dermatology mentor

Finding the Right Dermatology Mentor

Finding the Right Dermatology Mentor

Having a mentor is essential to understanding the dermatology field. But why is it so important, and how do you find one? 

DermCare has compiled all your questions and provided you with a starting point for your search.

Benefits of Having a Dermatology Mentor

A dermatology mentor does more than make sure you’re reading up on the latest industry news. In some ways, finding a mentoring dermatologist can take your career to new levels. A good mentor will:

  • Help you connect: Networking is crucial in any field. A good mentor will be well-connected to their peers and share those relationships with you to help you get a foothold in the industry and land your next job.
  • Build your reputation: You may work on research projects or complex cases with your mentor. When they publish your joint findings, they’ll put your name next to theirs, building your accreditation in the field. They may even help you qualify for grants and new research opportunities.
  • Give you advice: Your mentor has spent years — perhaps even decades — in your field. In that time, they have likely learned information you won’t find in any book. Hopefully, they’ll help you handle complex situations before you see them firsthand.

How to find a dermatology mentorship

What to Look For in a Dermatology Mentor

When searching for a mentor, remember that anyone that’s been in the field longer than you can be a teacher. Be open-minded when conducting your search, as sometimes, advice and connections can come from those you least expect. A mentor checklist doesn’t guarantee you’ll find your dream mentor — try taking advice from anyone and seeing where their path leads you.

Where to Find a Mentor Dermatologist

The best place to find a mentor is among the people you already know. Consider any professors who impacted you or doctors who taught you important lessons. However, if you find yourself stumped, the American Academy of Dermatology Association has a mentorship database for you to peruse, as well as connections to a few mentorship programs.

Does Your Mentor Know DermCare?

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