Independent Dermatology Practices vs. Partnering With a Derm Group

Jan 04, 2022

Independent Dermatology Practices vs. Partnering With a Derm Group

The dermatology market has experienced a shift in how independent practices operate. Instead of handling patient care and all administrative duties, more and more practices are beginning to partner with a derm group to have these kinds of time-consuming tasks taken care of.

The Benefits of Working With a Dermatology Group

Compared to having an independent dermatology practice, working with a group offers several advantages. The benefits include:

  • Less time spent on administrative and operational tasks: Completing tasks ranging from payroll to marketing can reduce the time you have available to treat patients. Having a group handle these day-to-day tasks and responsibilities will increase your practice's efficiency and free up more time for you to focus on delivering patient care.
  • Supporting revenue to expand the practice: A derm group can provide you with the necessary capital to expand your practice. Having the financial support and ability to gain liquidity while you practice will help you reach your goals for growth.
  • The ability to create an exit or retirement strategy: Whether you need to develop an exit strategy or you're ready to start thinking about a retirement plan, a derm group can make the transition as seamless as possible. You'll discover ways to phase yourself out over time so the transition happens on your terms and the change is easy.
  • Maintaining clinical autonomy: Even though a derm group will be handling several of your practice's tasks, with the right practice management partner, you'll still maintain 100% clinical autonomy. Continue running your practice and treating your patients the same way you did before. You'll even be able to keep the same clinical staff and determine each patient's treatment plan.

Discover How Partnering With DermCare Can Benefit Your Practice

Discover How Partnering With DermCare Can Benefit Your Practice

At DermCare, we offer the services and tools independent dermatology practices need to succeed. Through our practice management services, we'll create a team-oriented environment and deliver the support you need to experience increased efficiency and patient satisfaction.

We offer shared back-office support, including marketing, group purchasing, compliance, payroll and finance. Your practice will also be able to take advantage of information technology like billing and practice management systems.

Want to learn more about the benefits of partnering with our management group? Call our team at 844.633.9358 or contact us online to discuss your options.

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