Meet Dr. Christopher Ho – A Different Approach to a Lucrative Autonomous Partnership

Oct 18, 2021


Dr. Christopher Ho is well known in Downtown Los Angeles & Torrance CA.   His multi-specialty practice includes all facets of medical and cosmetic dermatology including Mohs.

Dr. Ho started his partnership search back in 2020 eliminating various Dermatology group options for many reasons.  He ultimately decided on DermCare Management as his partner of choice stemming from their four years of growth/reputation, commitment to his brand/ legacy name & 100% clinical autonomy. And interesting… DermCare wasn’t the highest bidder.

"I wanted to find a group that cultivated the individual spirit of the practice. A company where opinions and patients mattered and my brand would stay intact. The communication, openness about next steps in the practice, customized exit strategy, and the continuity of care of my patients was of the utmost importance. There were many groups who were interested in my practice, yet I needed to feel comfortable that my employees would be taken care of and that the financial component was very fair and lucrative. DermCare turned out to be exactly what I needed in this important decision for me, my staff and my patients.”

What Sets Us Apart?

We are actively looking to expand our partnership footprint with legacy, entrepreneurial California Dermatologists who wish to retain their practice name/brand, maintain 100% clinical control with full autonomy in the clinical treatment of their patients, & become part of a lucrative growing platform. DermCare offers a suite of services relieving you of the daily burden of administrative back-office tasks including human resource functions, such as hiring and payroll, enhancing provider resources, providing capital, & most importantly allowing you to focus on patient care. Our end goal is and always will be to help our physicians do what they do best.

Whether you are looking for an exit strategy in the next year or considering a multi-year (step-down) plan for your retirement, we believe we have a solution that is right for you
In just 4 years, we have grown to 40 locations in Florida, Texas, and California exclusively through word-of-mouth and physician testimonials. Until recently, DermCare has done zero advertising to expand our family. We would welcome the opportunity to have a CONFIDENTIAL conversation with you (20-30 minutes over your lunch hour or at your convenience) to see if this is something in which you may be interested.  

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